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The Hair Repair Team

The Hair Repair Team is a group of professional hairdressers working together on a mission to help people save time and money. The members of The Hair Repair Team are the first to try a new style or a new hair product. They do scientific comparison tests and are able to advise any client, who asks them, the best product for his/her hair. There areread more

How the Hair Repair Team Works

The Hair Repair Team tests new products and compares them to existing products.  They do the test scientifically by conducting controlled experiments.

  • One large hair strand is divided into three equal strands
  • Apply new product to strand number one
  • Apply the current best performing product to strand number two
  • Apply nothing to strand number three
  • Subject all three strands to the same controlled conditions such as humidity, rain, sunshine, chlorine, heat from hair appliances, very cold freezing weather, etc.
  • Make the test results available

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Our Hair Repair Team

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Our Team

Hair repair specialist, Jeannie Blankenship

Jeannie Blankenship

Jeannie Blankenship entered beauty school in 1963 and graduated in 1966. She has attended many advanced styling, cutting, and color schools in the US and in Europe.

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Hair Repair Team - John Antoniou

John E. Antoniou

John E. Antoniou is the inventor behind the Antoniou Hair Care line. A native of Greece, Mr. Antoniou has been a stylist and chemist for over forty years. In 1970 he brought his family (wife and only son) to America. He

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