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Myths About Hair Repair

  • After using any one system for two months or longer, the hair becomes addicted.  It suddenly is flat and lifeless, or wild and unmanageable.  The longer used, the worse it becomes.

  • Hair has to be trimmed to appear healthy.

  • The only way to get rid of Split Ends is to cut them.

  • Hair becomes immune to hair care products over time and you need to switch to something unfamiliar to your hair.

  • Stylists generally advise changing hair care systems after trimming the dead ends.

Hair repaired by rezz a rect


What sets it apart from the competition?

  • All conditioners and treatments build up on the hair and weigh it down.  Most contain wax.  REZZ never builds up or weighs it down.  Only REZZ improves with each use. 

  • Most treatments tested were found to have a low pH.  Low pH makes the hair feel satiny as the low pH tightly closes the cuticle. However a stretch test on this treated hair shows decreased elasticity even though the hair feels better.  "This is because the acidic property of the other conditioners weaken the hair by causing more damage", says John Antoniou, the scientist.

  • REZZ A RECT is the only treatment that does not the coat the hair to make the surface feel temporarily better.  REZZ treatment gradually repairs hair so the cuticle naturally closes over the hair shaft.

  • All conditioners and treatments tested shampooed out of the hair.  Most of  the hair felt better until the hair is shampooed.  REZZ feels better with each use.

  • None of the conditioners and treatments improved elasticity and porosity.  "This is a miracle that REZZ restores elasticity and porosity", says The Hair Repair Team.

  • Nothing else available that the Hair Repair Team tested would stop damaged hair from breaking.

  • Nothing else tested by the Hair Repair Team made the severely damaged hair immediately ready for any other chemical service including bleaching.
See our VIDEO demonstrating Rezz A Rect.


  • The Antoniou System has anti-ageing vitamins in a special luxurious formula that is different from all the rest, and does not build up on the hair.

  • The longer the Antoniou System is used, the better, healthier, and more manageable the hair becomes.

  • Models testify to the fact that they no longer get split ends and their color no longer fades, after using the Antoniou System.

  • We have tons of testimonials from satisfied clients all over the world.


There are five basic facts that make ANTONIOU Products different

  1. Only Company to hold a patent on Hair Spray

  2. Only Company since 1938 to change the PERM active ingredients to form new cystene bonds rather than break down bonds and partially restore bonds.

  3. Conditioning Treatment that repairs the hair elasticity and porosity.

  4. Company scientist and formulator of ANTONIOU products is a hairdresser and cosmetology teacher, who works behind the chair, in the lab, and in the schools.

  5. All our hair care products are formulated and  manufactured in the USA

Antoniou Hair Spray