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Damaged Hair

damaged hair, dry, frizzy
Rebecca before treatment

The problem probably started out innocently enough. Too much heat, too much processing. Then your hair became a little dry and the everyday hair processing continued. Soon your hair was drier, hard to manage, dull, lifeless--DAMAGED HAIR.

When that realization settled in, you started the long process of finding a cure for your damaged hair. Everything seemed to help a little, maybe, but nothing truly fixed the damaged hair problem. Nothing returned you damaged hair to its original strength, health and beauty.

Meanwhile, you were spending TIME and MONEY and walking around with damaged hair. The Hair Repair Team has spent years testing products so that they could recommend to their clients what products were the best, which ones would work for them. It is their conclusion, that the best product to fix the damage and return hair to its natural health and beauty is Rezz A Rect.

Damage Hair Restored

beautiful healthy hair after using Rezz A Rect
Rebecca after Rezz A Rect treatment

Rebecca had severly damaged hair from too many chemical treatments and using highly heated blow dryers and curling irons. Her hair was frizzy and unmanageable. It was easily breaking and was dry and fly away. She had tried everything to tame her damaged hair back into a style that she could wear proudly, but each attempt resulted in failure.

When she came to the Hair Repair Team, we applied one five minute treatment of Rezz A Rect. Her damaged hair regained strength and we were able to shampoo, blow dry and style (no hair was trimmed) with positive results. After adding a little lip color and eye makeup, Rebecca was transformed.

Rezz A Rect

repair damaged hair with rezz a rect

Rezz A Rect
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The power to repair damaged hair is not in the ingredients of Rezz A Rect, but in the process that infuses the solution permanently into the hair in the same way permanent hair color becomes a permanent part of the hair.

John Antoniou, the scientist and developer of Rezz A Rect, breaks the conditioning molecules into tiny ones. These protein molecules are so tiny and, like the laminins, the cell adhesion molecules, are in the family of proteins that are an integral part of tissue that holds cells together. Molecules so tiny can penetrate into the damaged hair and permanently adhere. Unlike Rezz A Rect, other conditioners and shampoos are shampooed off the hair like temporary hair color.

The negative charge of the damaged hair attracts the positive charge of Rezz A Rect and remains after shampooing. It restores the salt bond (ionic bonds) and the cystine bonds. In severely damaged hair the salt, cystine, and polypeptide bond/Protein chains have been broken. These bonds give hair toughness and strength. After these bonds are restored the hair is healthy again. At this time, we can find no other conditioner that positively and permanently affects damaged hair in this manner.

Results Guaranteed

After testing Rezz A Rect on over 400 models, we are sure that it works everytime on any type of hair, regardless of the extent of the damage. If you are not satisfied that your damaged hair is restored to good health after using Rezz A Rect, return the unused portion and receive a full refund of your purchase price.

See our product in action by viewing our VIDEO.

damaged hair

What went wrong?

Chemical Abuse
chemicals can damage hairIn order to permanently affect the hair, chemicals must swell the cuticle which roughens it. It is then prone to chipping and breaking, allowing moisture to seep out. Perms, relaxers and bleaches destroy the hairs protein bonds, weakening the internal structure.
Improperly applying color or relaxers to all hair, not just new growth, is a double chemical treatment that weakens hair, resulting in damaged hair.

Physical Abuse
brushing and pulling can damage hairWhen the hair is in a weakened state, over-grooming with a rough brush or comb further damages the hair. Leaving salt on your hair, an irritant, after sweating or swimming creates friction and damages hair. Hair accessories, especially uncoated elastic, pull and break hair or roughly scrape off the cuticle. Even the pillowcases on your pillow can create damaged hair as you toss and turn at night.

Thermal Abuse
excessive heat can damage hairUV rays from the sun break down proteins, creating acutely brittle and dry hair, prone to breaking. Cold windy conditions reduce moisture. Excessive heat from styling, especially on already weakened hair, cracks the cuticle of the hair and the moisture escapes, resulting in damaged hair.