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dry hair girl

dry hair causes

  • lack of moisture in the body
  • extreme temperatures
  • over exposure to wind
  • using the wrong shampoos and conditioners
  • using harsh soaps on the hair
  • improper diet
  • too much stress
  • excessively hard water
  • overprocessing: perms, coloring, relaxing
  • over heating with heat devices
  • excessive washing, strips oils
  • genetics, lack of natural oils
  • exposure to pollution
Over processing can dry the hair

dry hair

Broom hair, dry hair, dull hair, lifeless hair, straw get the picture. Hair requires moisture to give it its manageability and good health and if yours has been stripped of its natural oils, you have probably come up with a few names of your own for it.

If you have frizzy hair, are having a "bad hair day", or are comparing your strands of hair to the bristles of a broom, you need help.

When cells from the outer cell layer of hair is lost, moisture escapes resulting in dry hair that does not reflect light and is dull and lifeless. The Hair Repair Team, after testing countless products on the market, concluded that Rezz A Rect, a conditioning hair restoration product, can restore the moisture to dry hair and bring back its life, shine and manageability. In one test, Rezz A Rect was compared to five leading products:

  • Winn
  • KPac
  • Trauma Treatment
  • BioLustre
  • Kronos

The Experiment

The model used had dry, frizzy, and fine hair with slight damage. Her hair broke off with a moderate tug during the stretch test.

Step 1: The dry hair was shampooed and divided into 2 sections.

Step 2: Rezz A Rect was applied to the left half of the head, processed under heat for ten minutes, rinsed,

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dried, and stretch tested again. The hair stretched 60% further than during the original stretch test without breaking and then returned to its original length.

Step 3: Trauma Treatment was applied to the Right section, following the manufacturer's directions--processed 10 minutes and rinsed. Stretch test was then performed and when stretched less than 5%, the hair snapped with a sound.

Step 4: BioLustre was tested on the Right side and manufacturer's directions followed. After stretch testing, the result was the same as Trauma Treatment, a 5% stretch and then breakage.

Step 5: Winn was applied and directions followed on the Right side. After rinsing the hair was feeling so slick and satiny. It felt great. After drying and stretch testing, the hair was breaking with less force than was applied originally. The hair had become weaker.

Step 6: KPac was applied to the Right side and directions followed. After rinsing and drying the hair, the strech test was performed. The hair was easier to break after the treatment than before the treatment.

Conclusion: Rezz A Rect restores elasticity and moisture to hair and stops it from breaking. The Rezz A Rect treated hair is strong and healthy and is chemical treatment ready. Dry hair treated with the most popular and most expensive brands of dry hair repair solutions had less elasticity than before the treatments.

See our VIDEO of this experiment.