Arouse®  Rezz-a-Rect™
Reconstructing Deep Healing Conditioner

Arouse® Rezz-a-Rect Reconstructive Deep Healing Conditioner has been specially developed to repair severely damaged hair and to prevent damage to healthy hair. Arouse® Rezz-a-Rect brings hair back to life after damage from chemicals and heat from appliances. It restores health to hair. The tangle-free formula prevents hair breakage, keeps color from fading and equalizes hair’s porosity.

Unlike competitors, Arouse® Rezz-a-Rect can be used prior to and directly after a perm and color treatment making it excellent for pre-wrapping perms and retaining hair’s texture and health. Arouse® Rezz-a-Rect  revitalizes hair, adding body and thickness. This product may be applied around the face, preventing irritation from perms, coloring or bleaches. The more reconstructive treatments the hair receives with Arouse® Rezz-a-Rect, the more deep healing takes place leaving you with virgin hair. See real life results.

Mix with our Stimulant to make a super strength cocktail.

Rezz-a-Rect is concentrated, so only a small amount is required for fantastic results.  Two ounces lasts the average user for 3 months.

What makes Rezz A Rect different?

Never tested on animals.