Arouse® Love Drops
For All Types Of Hair

Use on fine damaged hair to detangle, condition, and shine. Use on dull limp hair to add shine and volume.  Use on dull, frizzy, coarse hair to shine, de-frizz and smooth.

Love Drops is very concentrated and will last for months.  Only one spritz is required for short to medium hair and two spritzes for long hair.

Directions:  Spray 1 spritz   on palm of hand and rub palms together.  Wipe palms on ends of hair and massage throughout. Use 2-3 Spritzes on longer thicker hair.  Additional spritzes may be used on the thickest coarsest hair.

Mix a cocktail of Love Drops with other styling products while on palms of your hands, in a recipe  formulated for your individual hair.  This cocktail will be guaranteed to make your hair look and hold better than anything you have ever used.  Just email the Hair Repair Team at .  Tell them you want your personal recipe and they will formulate it for you and reply to you as if you were their client in their chair.


Never tested on animals