Arouse® X-treme Creme
5-in-one Styling / Strengthening Aid

Extreme Cream! It works as a styling mousse,  holding gel, conditioner, and hair spray together.  It performs as a smoothing serum, curl enhancer depending on your method of styling your hair.

X-treme Creme can take curly, unmanageable hair to straight, healthy hair and keep it that way until the next time it’s washed. It can also take straight, flat hair to beautifully shiny full-of-volume hair. It's the solution for thin, style resistant hair. It doesn't weigh down hair like other styling products and it keeps it shinier and healthier looking for days longer. It will hold your style until it's washed or until heat is applied to it.

Guaranteed to keep hair clean longer.  Contact us……. for your personal directions for your hair.  This 2oz jar lasts an average of 1 year!! See real life transformations.

Have you been looking for something this extraordinary? It's finally here ready to turn you into beautiful you!