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About Us
-----About Us Page Two, Details of the Team and Staff
----------Jeannie Blankenship
----------Tina Cole
----------Natalie Hawkins
----------Becky Hall
----------La Ree Greene
----------Barbara Hall
----------John E. Antoniou

Dry Hair
-----Details About Rezz A Rect

Split Ends
-----Details About Rezz A Rect
-----Repair Split Ends-FACEBOOK VIDEO.

Damaged Hair
-----Details About Rezz A Rect
-----Repair Damaged Hair-FACEBOOK VIDEO.

-----Styling Products
----------We Appreciate Your Business Special!
----------Perfection Collection
----------Shine HD
----------Travel Set
----------Hair Repair Kit
----------Extra Strength Stimulant
----------Colour Proctecting Conditioning Shampoo
----------Daily Conditioner
----------Rezz A Rect
----------X-Treme Creme
----------Liquid Body
----------Memory Sculpting Gel
----------Quick Drying Spritz Hair Spray
-----Salon and Bulk Orders
----------From the Salon and Bulk Orders link, you may enter a code or your NC license number and have access to ordering in bulk, by the case. Prices are about half if
----------you order in bulk. Since you have to enter a code, to enter that page, we cannot provide a direct link to each product on that page. You must go to the entry page.  

Gallery-Images we have taken over the years and put together with music for your enjoyment.

Continuing Education (CEU's) and Hair Shows-Information about our classes and a VIDEO demonstration.

Contact Us

Testimonials-Just a few thoughts from some of our clients.

See all of our VIDEOS on FACEBOOK

Our Videos on YOU TUBE
-----Repair Split Ends-YouTube VIDEO.
-----Repair Damaged Hair-YouTube VIDEO.
-----Regular Stimulant-YouTube VIDEO.
-----How to Apply Stimulant Hair Repair Product-YouTube VIDEO.


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