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Split Ends, Repaired

Split Ends do not have to be cut to look healthy.

We have all had them. Little feathers at the end of a strand of hair. You have searched the internet for a solution and found that most sites say "cut the hair, for nothing will repair split ends."

Still, you long for a treatment that will allow you to keep your much loved locks. You are not alone. Grecian scientist and cosmetologist John Antoniou had clients that were in your same predicament. So, he spent years in his lab, researching and experimenting, trying to perfect a solution that would indeed repair split ends. Finally, he was successful in formulating a solution that would repair split ends! This product is the revolutionary Rezz A Rect.

Split Ends
split ends before treatment
Repaired Split Ends
healthy hair after Rezz A Rect treatment


Laboratory Results

The Hair Repair Team has tested Rezz A Rect against the leading conditioners and hair repair treatments for split ends. The test is done by dividing a models' hair into three sections. The first section is repaired with Rezz A Rect, the second left untouched and the third is repaired with the leading treatment. The pictures are magnified to show the details of the hair strands.

Microscopic Damaged Hair

Picture 1
The untouched hair, still having split ends.

microscopic repaired hair

Picture 2
Hair repaired by Rezz A Rect, Split Ends gone.

Leading product, Not Repaired

Picture 3
Hair repaired by the leading brand, still has split ends.

As the pictures show, Rezz A Rect repairs the split ends and leaves hair smooth and healthy. It is guaranteed to work or your full purchase price is returned!

See our product in action by viewing a our VIDEO.

Girl with split ends.

Split Ends Causes

Thermal (Excessive Heat) From:

  • blow dryers
  • hot or flat irons (straighteners)
  • curling irons or wands
  • electric or hot rollers
  • ultra violet light from the sun

  • Chemical Interactions:

  • hair coloring or dying
  • bleaching
  • permanents
  • relaxers
  • chlorine (swimming)

  • Mechanical Interactions:

  • harsh or excessive combing
  • brushing hair when wet
  • aggressive towel rubbing to dry hair
  • excessive pulling on the hair
  • rubber bands and hair fasteners

Split Ends Repair

Rezz A Rect

Rezz A Rect
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