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To Whom It May Concern:

I am sending a testimonial to how WONDERFUL and TRUTH your product Rezz-A-Rect is!!!  WOW, WOW, WOW!  I am a firm believer by experience just after one application.

My hair was overprocessed by perms, color/highlights, curling iron/blow dryer.  Since my last body perm (about 2 months ago), my hair was literally totally FRIED!  It was burnt from tip to scalp (so badly that my hair tips were literally melting off into my fingertips).  I searched for home remedies on how to give my hair life again, I spent $$$ at beauty shops for products to no avail and I even went to my hairdresser (a friend of mine) who is a licensed beautician with her own shop and she didn't even have any recommendations or products.

My last ditch of hope and effort was to cut my hair (buzz it off) and wear a wig until my hair grew back out, SERIOUSLY! I cannot begin to tell you what a LIFE SAVER this product is...I want to broadcast it all over the world, AND I guarantee you I WILL to all my friends, coworkers, and beauticians in Alma, Van Buren, and Fort Smith, Arkansas.  I just cannot say enough to even begin to describe this MIRACULOUS, MARVELOUS, WONDERFUL product!  There are no words except TRY IT and one will be a true believer like I was.  IT IS TOTALLY AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING!I THANK YOU SINCERELY FROM THE ROOTS OF MY HAIR TO THE TIPS.... I will be visiting your website and online store for more products....My days of shopping at other stores for haircare products are over!

Lori Brammer

One of my most vain characteristics is the love I have for my hair.  I have worn long blonde hair all of my life.  As I aged, however, it started graying.  For years. I highlighted it and the time came when that procedure no longer covered the gray. So, I went to a full color treatment.  My blonde hair was back, but it came with a price.  My hair was dry, like straw, and unruly.  It never did what I wanted and I wondered if the gray would behave better.  Then, my hair stylist suggested that I try Rezz-a-Rect.  I took the 4 oz. bottle home and was skeptical.  But, one day I applied a small amount after shampooing and let it work while I put on my make-up.  I could not believe the difference in how my hair felt and how it behaved.  My style looked great and I did not feel like it was obvious that I used color because it looked much more natural.  After using it three times, I felt like my youthful hair was back.  I had cut my hair to chin length because it was so hard to manage.  I am considering trying shoulder length, thanks to Rezz-a-Rect.  One TIP--it is concentrated so follow the directions.  If you use too much, it will repair your hair but weigh it down.  A little goes a long way..."

Susan Reynolds

My name is Julie Long and I am an 8th grader at North Eastern Randolph Middle School.  About a month ago my mother was reading the newspaper and saw an ad that read: 

Models Needed For Dry, Frizzy, Damaged Hair – Call Jeannie's Hair Company

My mother's exact words were "this is your lucky day or a prayer answered from the Lord Himself".  We called Jeannie but received no answer.  Immediately thinking this could be my last chance, we drove to Jeannie's Hair Company where Jeannie checked over my hair.  I made the comment to Jeannie that if she didn't need me as a model for her product, she could use her product on me later or find some way to help restore my hair.  No one else could help.  Their responses were "shave your head or cut your hair".  I thought, no! that would by my last thing to do.  I love my hair so much. 

When I arrived at Jeannie's, my hair was three different colors, blondish at the roots, red at the middle of my head and jet black at the end of my hair.  My mother and I made my hair three different colors from using four different treatments of color remover.  What led up to using color remover was the fact that I had dyed my hair a reddish blonde color for about four years.  I wanted a change so I colored my hair jet black, which was too dark for my skin tone.  Nothing would take the black color out.  I called Sally's Beauty Supply hoping for an answer.  They told me to use the color remover, they also told me it might not work on a black dye.  They said to shave or cut off all my hair.  I was also being picked on so bad at school; I heard comments from people I did not even know.  They were calling me freak, gothic chick, and Satan worshipper.  People wouldn't hang around me and even the teacher gave me looks.  At this point my hair was breaking just to touch it.  I didn't want to brush it very hard because I was afraid it might fall out. 

When I heard about Jeannie's hair product I didn't at all believe it would work, but indeed it did.  There were people who wouldn't even speak to me who now ask me what I did to make such a big difference to my hairs touch and appearance.  I am even getting comments from guys that I didn't know they even knew I existed.  My teachers even saw the difference and asked me what I had done to make the look of my hair so much better.  People are now speechless. 

I love what Jeannie's hair product did to my hair.  It has not only changed my hair but my self-confidence as well.  I feel better about my hair and I can now leave it down in public without looks from others.  People now say hi or how are you.  Jeannie's hair product made my hair softer, stronger, shiny, full of life and gave it a whole new world.  If someone were to ask me now if I would dye my hair again, I would say yes.  Jeannie's hair product made me believe someone and something could really restore my hair to new. 

I would say to others out there like me, do not shave your hair off; there is a product that will help restore your hair from frizzy breaking damages.

Julie Long

I love the SPRITZ HAIR SPRAY.  I have been using it since it came out. 

My hair is very hard to hold and manage.  The SPRITZ not only last forever till you shampoo, but it last in all kinds of weather.

I took it with me to the beach on a trip with seven other teachers.  While there, my hair was the only one that looked good.  In the humid, hot weather, nothing else worked.  Every other teacher with me wanted me to buy some for them when I went back to Asheboro.  When the other teachers at school saw the new Spritz, they wanted some too.  So far I have sold six cases of Spritz.  They call me the Antoniou girl.

Linda Nicholson